Friday, September 30, 2011

Photobook is finished

Pretty fun to have all our favorite photos in one place.  It took a little more time than I thought it would to get them all together in a design that I liked.  I didn't like the themes that they had so I made up one of my own that looks more professional I think.  I didn't want it to look like a themed scapbook (not that scapbooks are bad),  but I was going more for a simple photography layout. At one point I started getting really picky about what photos I was putting in and missing memorable moments.  We both came up with our favorites and still include milestones.  We're excited to have it in hand soon.

Thanks to Auntie Kendra and Uncle Justin for adding some great family 
photos and memories to the book.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Storage Solution

Our garage has a lot of uses and the primary uses are storage and a wood shop for my husband.  Wood shops can be messy all on it's own and when I also use it for storage with furniture it can become very messy.  I have come up with a solution using bits and peaces of other ideas and discovered that chalk board paint is amazing and can be used in lots of situations.  My husband and I have found out what you all probably already know, but if there is a name and place for the items than we are much more inclined to replace items to their directed spot than if there isn't.  Hope this can come in handy for your storage or messy habits too. 

even Lucy's food has a tub!

The paint color is pretty gross, but it was free from Derek's old house that he brought over when we got married.  It could be really cute with a great color scheme and lots of neat storage containers. I was just being cheap and since we are selling our house it's best not to put any more money into it. Keep this idea in mind and have a Happy Thursday! bw

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Project Galore

Having this blog has been a great way for my to continue creatively expressing myself.  I have always enjoyed looking outside the box and designing things.  I have not made frequent posts lately, but I have been working on some hefty projects.  I am a little in over my head on the amount of unfinished projects, but hopefully that will change. 

Naming a few:
Started a tee-pee with my niece and nephew 
reupholstering a side chair for our back porch
reupholstering a wing-back chair (friends)
making pants for Nolan
painting/decorating my husband office (my crafting area)
painting the garage and organizing shelves for a sense of unity
photobook of Nolan's life so far (

Teepee: (inspiration)

ideas from bohaute and kaboodle

Side chair:

Wing-back chair:

Nolan's pants:

Husbands office/ my crafting area: See soon
Garage shelving ideas: see tomorrow
And of course, the mini crafts/thrifty finds along the way:

found this mini record player at a thrift store awhile back

better homes and gardens idea with color 

I finally organized my fabric and the remnants

old mail storage I found in college. my solution for the extras

from etsy: sorry I do not remember the source

Why anyone would do this to themselves is questionable.  This mainly means I have issues; I have a goal of not starting anything new until I finish some of these.  Some fun ideas for the shelving issues you may have...tomorrow. Off to work during prime napping time. bw

Monday, September 19, 2011

tiny bottom boy

My son happens to be in the lower 5 % for weight, but he's actually kind of tall for his age as well.  I am beginning to have a difficult time finding clothes that fit him.  I love finding thrift clothes for the little man, but for the clothes to fit is rare.  We have a friend that lets us use all of her sons clothes when he grows out of them, but I have a feeling the pants may be a bit more of a challenge this time around (Thanks Cami and James).  

overalls fit everyone right?

So, my solution for this predicament is to try and make them.  I have called upon the moms in my life to help the process go a little smoother.  My mother-in-law and my mom are going to lend a helping hand.  Seems silly maybe...some may say just put him in sweats from Wal-Mart and find some suspenders and be done with it.  If he were a girl I could just do leggings and dress...boys clothes are more difficult. However, I love making things and I would rather learn to make cute clothes and have my son's skinny bottom have some more clothing options other than overalls or high-water pants.

Here's are some styles I'll be shooting for:


these go to mid-calf


This week my goal is to make four pair of comfy pants.  Then I want to make 2 or 3 pairs of nice non-pleaded slacks for church and other occasions within the next week or two.  I may be a little hopeful on the numbers because we won't have patterns, just pictures to go off of.  It's worth a try and this blog can keep me a motivator to keep my word (goal). Chow for now. bw

Sources: jcrew, joah love, bobinette, zutano, polarn o. pyret

Friday, September 16, 2011

Party Animals

Here is a great diy for party's.  

Supplies -
  • plastic animals
  • plastic candle holders
  • drill with 1/8″ drill bit
  • pliers
  • gold spray paint

 For the plastic animals, you can use any kind you can find. Keep in mind the size of the cake or cupcake you are sticking it on. 

 Hold the animal with the pliers and drill a hole straight down, being careful not to pop out the other side. The hole just has to be deep enough for the holder to fit.

Check to see if the candle holder fits.

 Spray paint the animals in a few light coats, rotating them to cover all sides. Note: I used gold (w/o primer) and it worked fine for both the nicer plastic animals and the dollar store ones. I wanted a pop of color but some of the animals didn’t take to regular spray paint, be sure to use a plastic spray paint or a primer for plastic and always test one first.

 Paint the candle holders to match. Let dry.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picnic or Camping anyone?

  Maybe it's time to bring out the quilt again and take a trip to the countryside...for a picnic or even camping.  I love going camping.  Some may say that it's gross and totally not worth it, but I think it's peaceful and always gives me fond memories. Canoeing, hiking, making hobo stew, and eating s'mores over the campfire are all wonderful to me. Can't beat waking up to the sounds of nature at it's finest.  Unless it's 3 in the morning and a raccoon is rummaging through the food.

Recently saw these basket from sutherland on zulily or totsy; I can't remember which one. We have had amazing picnic weather.  Not trendy or anything modern, just a classic and cute picnic basket.

Here are some beautiful quilts....

These were photos are from the American Folk Art Museum.  The museum worked in conjunction with the Armory to mount the exhibit called Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts. The quilts all came from the collection of Joanna S. Rose. And they are not hanging all of her quilts, only 650 of the best out of her collection of more than 800. Ms. Rose has offered the quilts for exhibition in celebration of her 80th birthday. 

urban quilt
anthropologie quilt designs

urban quilt

source: urbananthropologie

Try and pack up your tents and baskets and enjoy the outdoors at least once this coming fall.