Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lovely Finds

I just adore these pieces of jewelry and hope that you all do too!  They are vintage handmade pieces that are one of a kind from TimeMachina. Enjoy!

Check more out at

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Vintage Collection from Snidel

This is such a cute vintage 2011 collection from Snidel.  Snidel states, "their concept is {{{ Street meets Formal.}}} A playful touch expression for grown-ups. Proposes sweet street style that stirs emotions of women living in a new era."

The pictures are bright. This was intended by Snidel...sorry it's hard to see some of them.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Swing Galore

After looking at some of these pictures; I'd love some type of swing inside and outside throughout our home.  It's fun to just sit back and swing and exhilarating to get higher and higher on the big swings.  I love swinging, my husband not so much (he gets a little nauseated), but Nolan can't get enough of his little swing.  
So, that vote would be 2 to 1.........

I'd be crazy not to want this as my wedding picture

kind of scary but very creative and fun
 How about inside!?!
adorable and cozy

Do you think you could balance your dinner plate?

I think kids would adore swings in their playrooms

Little childhood fantasy room

Yeah for Bubble swings
Classic Swings, yet just as freeing

A little more creative and dreamy
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I hope you all can hop on a swing this weekend or at least head to the park and enjoy the outdoors.  God Bless. BW

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vintage Finds and Modern-Vintage Interiors

I had today off work from watching babies and I was able to head out on the town to our local thrift stores and find a few that I couldn't pass up. 

vintage plates

vintage tin (honey, put your change in here tin)

yellow plaid curtains with lace for our kitchen
My husband also did the sweetest thing.  I came from the bookstore with my sis-in-law the other night  and told him about a decor book we found that I LOVED.....and surprisingly it came in the mail for me today.  I didn't think he was going to get it for me.  It was only $19 including shipping and at the store it was $35.  Why do we ever buy for the convenience from the store when it is so much cheaper online.   Anyway here is the's a must have in my mind!

Look at Holly Becker/Joanna Copestick Interiors
Here are some of their rooms and ideas
Also from decor8