Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring fever

  This weather was really fun at first.  We've had our hot cocoa and done our sleding on the hillside.  It was a blast at the time and the snow is now starting to melt.  I am officially ready to get back outside and be active.  I am excited for Nolan to experience all the new wonders of the outdoors.  Blue skies are smiling at me and I'm ready.
 Here are some beautiful spring inspirations!!

I love the lavender in this room.  It totally makes me think of spring 

This makes me want to reupholster my wingback chair that been sitting in my garage.
 My poor husband loves that I store my thrift store fixings in progress in his workshop.

This couch has made my decision.  I want my wingback to be black and white stripes
with trim the color of the chair above!! perfect!

love the open shelving in the kitchen with white or grey walls

I've spray painted a lot of sticks for home decor, however, red would be new and I'm definitely inspired.

Monday, February 14, 2011

From old to new

This couch had lots of helping hands.  My mother-in-law(Connie), sis-in-law (Kendra) and aunt (Lynn) all put time into this project.  Thanks bunches! I would not have finished this without them.
Thrift store find that needed some tlc 
From the garage to the house
Finished Product close-up

Nolan Michael