Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Picture Day with the Babies

I have had the great opportunity to stay at home with Nolan. I have also been greatly encouraged that two other families have let me watch their babies as well. Nolan is 14 months and Kyrah and Lola are around 9 months. They are not always here on the same days, but sometimes they are and I wanted to get pictures of them before they got to big.  I hoped be able to get more of them together, but that didn't work out too well because right when I got them all in place and I got ready myself, they were scattered all over the room again. So, I did what I could and have gotten some fun pics for the babies to look at when they get older. Here are a few that were taken.















I have more photo's coming soon (baby baptism, and friends wedding)
Have a lovely evening, BW

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beautiful Sunshine

This is a crazy time of year for Southwest Missouri.  It's hot one minute and cold the next and this can cause great destruction.  My husband has been going to Joplin for work where the tornadoes hit just recently and has witnessed the devastation happening there. My thoughts and prayers are going out to those families that have lost loved ones and to those whom may have loved ones that are still unaccounted for.  It's hard not to be some what depressed thinking about everything that has been going on, but I know that God is in control.  I decided to post about our everyday summer experiences. When we wake up and see the sunshine, we should be seeing it as a wonderful blessing. I am thankful for my family and friends.  It is so great to see the beautiful sunshine, flowers, and birds this spring because it helps me to remember to count my blessings.

(Wonderful song)

Loving the classic "You are my Sunshine"

Cycling with a friend...enjoying God's beauty

Celebrating weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc, so much fun.  We have a lot this June .

The Simple Things

The fun and creative outdoor photo sessions 

Bubble-mania time with kids,  such a beautiful photo

Summer date nights

Summer Vacation photos

Tid-bits of artwork made this week that was inspired by everything above.

Counting my blessings and enjoying the SUNSHINE.  BW

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Honey Do List with toy box

Found the cutest toy boxes for the little man.  Currently we use an old suitcase for the living room which I love because I can close it up when I am through with picking up toys for the night. We've taught Nolan and he understands to leave it alone once it's closed and this works out great for us.  It's an idea I got from a magazine that used vintage suitcases for doggie beds.  I actually did that for awhile...some may consider this to be unsanitary, but we now use it for toys.  However, it has been thoroughly cleaned out.  I just cleaned all the toys and every page of the books last night because of sickness amongst the little ones that I watch, so I locked it up so Nolan can't germ it all up again.  Anyway for Nolan's room there are toys in random baskets and some are stored in a dresser drawer.  So, my honey do list for the future is for Derek to make Nolan a toy box out of the old cedar chest that I got from my grandpa's basement.  Here are come cute ones to go off of made from ModMom.

Bertie Box

 Maude Box

Gracie Toy Box

Noah Owl Storage Box

Riley Paige Storage Box

Owyn Toy Box

I'll probably ask for less graphics because I think graphic go out of style very fast. I do like the idea of cut-outs being another entry for the box.  Good idea ModMom.  I can't wait to see what Derek thinks! :)

Enjoy the weekend and God Bless. BW

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Comfy handmade shorts for toddlers

Derek had some t-shirts and dress shirts that were ready to be passed down.  Some were stretched out or maybe had a stain; there were a couple that he just didn't wear anymore.  I put my thinking cap on and decided to keep on making clothes for Nolan this week and here are a few that I've finished.  More coming soon.

Old t-shirt

 Bottom is not hemmed yet but love the color and comfy fabric

More coming soon

I was able to go to a couple of thrift stores this week.  I found a vintage outfit for Nolan and a side table that I am soo excited about and all for great prices.  There's something about getting things that you love at thrift stores.  I think it's because you know that you are getting such a great price and it's always seems to have some character as opposed to things you may find brand new from a store.

Vintage pants and vest and Kicky Pants undershirt all from DAV
I love the color and the antique lion-ring hardware
I'll post some more clothes here within the next week.
Enjoy your evening! BW