Monday, August 15, 2011

Victorian/Bungalow/Southern appeal in movies

I watched a movie called "Daddy Day Care" the other day.  It's an extra cheesy movie about a dad that lost his high paying job.  He was never at home and his son missed him, so the son was very pleased to hear his dad was going to stay at home for awhile.  The dad ended up becoming a stay at home dad and running a daycare that became a very successful business while learning the importance of family in the long run.  

The reason this has anything to do with my blog is because it has a a great story with a meaningful lesson on the importance of family.  Also the house is adorable. The homes have so much character and visual appeal. I added some other homes that I have remembered based on visual appeal and character from other movies that I've watched.
No cookie cutters in this batch.

Other movies that had eye catching houses that I remember.

The Money Pit

The Holiday

 Meet Me In Saint Louis

While You Were Sleeping

The Family Stone

The Notebook

Gone With The Wind

Sound of Music

God Bless. bw

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