Friday, July 15, 2011

Suitcases for all uses

Ever since Nolan was born we have been using a vintage suitcase for 
his toys in the living room.  Pretty fun because it's like a toy box.  I can shut toys in it and they actually stay if I don't want them all throughout the house because there's a latch. I definitely recommend this to other shelving is in his bedroom because there is a door to let him in and out when I deem necessary :) The living room, not so much.  He comes and goes as he pleases and life is so much easier if toys aren't always all over the house. Sometimes I chose a few that he can use that night and keep the rest stored.  I have baby toys as well because I watch babies during the week and he doesn't need to drag those everywhere.
Here is our living room storage.



Here are some other ways that make your home either clutter free or 
just decrease the amount of plastic bins. It can also be a creative decor statement with a little vintage touch.

clean and crisp

sewing bin...probably better than my endless supply of
plastic bags from various crafting stores

OH, to be this organized with crafting supplies. 

This was my first use for Nolan's toy case...sorry germifobs,
our dog did use it as a bed.

Love this in a little boys room

I think this is a chair.
Not very practical, but neat decor

Solid pop of color for a statement piece

Have a Happy Thrifting Weekend with your suitcase DIY projects. bw

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