Friday, November 4, 2011

Black Friday

I have become some what a lover of Black Friday...although I never really buy anything on sale.  It's more the experience and the time shared with my mom and whom ever else decides to come.  Some people may say we are crazy if we just go for the fun of it, maybe we are.  We eat breakfast out and walk around and look at lots of pretty things.

Here are some things I will be keeping my eyes out for if it's at a good price.

1 New kitchen accessories for my mom and dad.  Yes, they already know. No surprise this year.  The kitchen has never really been touched hmmmm 20 years maybe.  Besides, the wallpaper with bread and baskets on the border needs to go.  Nice touch at the time, but ready for an upgrade.

2 Lighting

2 Beautiful pillows for our sofa.  I seem to always purchase a pillow or blanket on Black Friday.

3 Simple shoes for Nolan

4 Ceramic Knives

5 Lounge wear for hubby...always good sales for his stocking stuffers.

6 Anything baby for my brother and sis-in-law's new arrival in January! Number three for them.

7 PJ's for Nolan
8 Any other secret gifts for family and friends!

Happy Friday.  I encourage you to start thinking about your list of presents this year that you get to buy.    I already bought two presents and they were for great prices.  It's way easier than doing it all at once.  I promise.  It's also cheaper because you can keep your eyes out for when it's hits the price you want it at instead of the manufacturers before Christmas prices that can be ridiculous.  Good Luck. bw

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